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JUMP @ 1st sight

Hey!Say! LOVE

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I'm the owner/maintainer/mod of nxtpageurstory.

In search for everlasting happiness...
Since I haven't found it yet, I do things that makes me happy at the moment.
What is it? Hey! Say! JUMP...♥

For the emoticons that I use
white Emoticons credits to: ©Rinadesu@devianart
HeartGlomp emoticon credits to: ©Renekotte@devianart
Cute onigiri emotes credits to: ©Oni-chu@devianart
Angel emoticon credits to: ©Ails@devianart
Cute panda emoticons credites to: ©creativesplash@devianart
Heart(Pink to Red) credits to: ©Ms.Jojo@devianart

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